Cory Currence has seen a lot in his 16 years of life. Born in Florence, South Carolina, Cory has endured things that the average youth would not be able to overcome. The struggle that this young man has withstood is a tribute to his attitude, and strong work ethic to be the best at whatever he does.

CHAMP has been perfecting his mic skills since the tender age of 6. “I’m the total package” boast the charismatic 16 year old. “I’m ready to take the game over. I can spit with the best of them, as well as write with the best of them”. Never at a lost for words, CHAMP intends to show the world his talents on his debut album entitled “Two Faces”. “This album takes you in so many directions” states PureDrama Entertainment Sr. Vice President of A&R Russell Robinson. “CHAMP gives you both the good and bad things that have happen to him in his life. CHAMP has a lot of similarities to Tupac, he can make you laugh and cry within the same song. His music is very heartfelt, but yet raw and realistic. CHAMP raps about  the trials and tribulations of America’s youth and what they see everyday in a society that can take no prisoners."It's survival of the fittest" states CHAMP. 

Signed to PureDrama Entertainment in late 2006, CHAMP will be one to watch. A single on CHAMP will be released in the fall of 2007. CHAMP currently is working on mixtape material, and putting the finishing touches on his SPRING 2008 debut “2 Faces”.