PUREDRAMA ENTERTAINMENT is one of the newest emerging music conglomerates in its class. It is a trifecta of artist management, record label, and film Production Company. Armed with a top-level industry Rolodex and an arsenal of talent, PUREDRAMA ENTERTAINMENT aims to set the standards of success for premiere hip hop clientele and urban entertainers.

The groundwork for what began as a small record company amongst friends in 1996 evolved into what is now known to the world as PUREDRAMA ENTERTAINMENT. Inspired by the likes of Russell Simmons and Rick Rubin’s trailblazing Def Jam/RUSH communications, Sean Combs’ Bad Boy Records, and Suge Knights Death Row Records, PUREDRAMA ENTERTAINMENT infuses pieces from many different blueprints to attain the similar successes of their affluent predecessors.

Having successfully amounted a roster of up and coming talent, PUREDRAMA ENTERTAINMENT distances itself from the pack and proving to be a front-runner in the music industry. PUREDRAMA ENTERTAINMENT has already made inroads with exciting new music projects from THEO MILL$, CHAMP, IBEJI, and JIM BAKKAR. Look for their releases in 2007, and early 2008.

With the picture on the screen, and the music in the background—2007-2008 looks like to be an exciting year for
PUREDRAMA ENTERTAINMENT. Sit Back and Enjoy the Vision!